Service Offerings

Psychic Readings, Evidential Mediumship Readings, Akashic Records consultation, Energy Healing, Spiritual Counseling, Development Classes.

Intuitive Reading
30 minutes: $55
60 minutes: $111

An intuitive reading is about you and where you are in your life right now. Information coming to me in an intuitive reading can entail messages from spirit guides, messages from passed loved ones or information from your true self. This reading will give you an assessment of your life, soul and your life path at this very moment. I will look at your past, where you are in your life at the moment and discuss your potential for the future if you continue on your current path.  Topics that I can focus on are family, work, career, relationships, education, etc.

Evidential Mediumship Reading
30 minutes: $55
60 minutes: $111

Connect with your loved ones in the Spirit World! In a reading you can experience messages of love and healing. Your loved ones will show you that they are always around you, by bringing forth information about your current life experiences. Your loved ones are right beside you in all of the moments and they want you to live your life to the fullest!

The overall intention of an evidential mediumship reading is to provide healing, words of encouragement and inspiration, as well as deliver validation for life after death.

Akashic Records Reading
90 minutes: $150

During a reading we can focus on a specific topic from your life; to find the source of a blockage, understand the cause of a certain issue, cut off the negative energy influences on your life, heal and strengthen you so that all of the love and abundance of the Universe flow to you.

Topics that can be evaluated are:

  • Life purpose / soul mission
  • Spiritual growth/ Personal and professional success
  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Business and finances
  • Previous incarnations/past lifes
  • Inner child healing
  • Blockages and patterns in your life
  • Trauma, emotions, fears 
  • Life lessons
  • Karma

Energy Healing
30 minutes: $60
60 minutes: $110
90 minutes: $160

During an Energy Healing session our natural healing process is sped up. Energy Healing helps release energy blockages and balances the flow of ki (universal life force energy).

The client is not actually healed by the practitioner, but by the universal life force energy and its balancing effects. Since this energy is natural life force energy, it cannot harm anyone, nor can it be controlled. By simply placing the hands in different positions on the body, the energy is pulled through it at the rate corresponding to the need of each client. One cannot give too much or too little energy. The receiving body/mind/spirit will decide how much or how little it wants. 

A complete treatment covers all the major organs and energy centers in the body. 

Therapy sessions may be done sitting in a chair or laying on a table.

Appointments can be held at my office, your home, or in a hospital/institution. No unclothing is necessary and all sessions are strictly confidential.

Spiritual Assessment
30 minutes: $55

In a Spiritual Assessment, we will talk about your spiritual potential, your spiritual path and what unique gifts you have. The goal is to see where you currently are on your spiritual journey and where it will lead you.

Psychic or Mediumship Development Class Beginner/Intermediate
8 weeks of 1-hour classes

Do you want to fulfill your potential as a Medium? Do you want to use your gifts and your skills to heal others and guide your own life? This course will help you become a more authentic Medium and a more authentic person.
Or do you need help with your psychic development, develop and trust you intuition and awaken or strengthen your psychic senses (Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Claircognizance). 

The psychic development class will provide you with exercises on how to use different tools of divination (tarot cards, oracle cards, pendulum) and will teach different methods that can help you access and develop your own psychic abilities.

The mediumship development class will teach you all the fundamental abilities that you'll need in order to perform a successful evidential mediumship reading on your own, receive and pass on messages between the worlds, and how to interpret them with a clear mind. Each week there will be new exercises designed to grow your abilities in evidential mediumship.

At whatever stage you are in your development you will find something in these courses to move you forward and to inspire you.

Spiritual Life Coaching
(Individualized packages availabe in the Book Now section)

We all want to know our real purpose in life. We want to know why we are here. And when we feel misaligned, we want to find out what the source of the disconnection is.

As a spiritual coach I can help you explore where feel you misaligned in your life, support you in finding your deeper calling and assist in identifying your real purpose so that you can increase your feelings of love, connection and abundance in your life.

As a coach I will guide you to connect to your true desires and ultimately discover your purpose. and assist in creating a plan that is aligned with your desires and purpose. I will use tools and universal principles to help you take the best action toward your goals.

As a spiritual coach I can also assist you in identifying your traumas, releasing them and opening up space for your true self.

Overall, we will work together to form a deeper connection to your true self, learn who you are, learn to love who you are and to accept wherever you are on your journey. Through deepening awareness and compassion, I will guide you to rediscover yourself, take control of your life and make the impact you want in the world.

All of my coaching sessions are highly individualized, meaning I will structure the sessions towards you individually, your goals, your challenges, your questions. I will be your accountability partner in this journey and you can lean on me whenever you need to.

A free 30-minute consultation allows me to find out who you are and where you want to go and will allow you a better understanding of who I am and how I can help you on your journey.


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