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November 15, 2022
Truly therapeutic

This reading was not only evidential, but it was also therapy! Nadine gave me messages from my grandma that I really needed to hear. This has been one of the most touching and useful connections by a medium that I've ever experienced! Thank you so much for this, I truly appreciate your words and your kindness during this reading.

October 15, 2022
Surprise visit!

It was a real surprise when Nadine brought through an old friend and how we were classmates. The change in life I have experienced since then is significant and was a key piece of evidence. The reading was terrific, and the energy and the reading were excellent. Nadine is lovely!

May 8, 2023
Warm and Caring

She was very warm and caring. She was very informative with being able to get the feeling, character and personality of my loved one. She hit alot of the dynamics of the relationship of me and my loved one. I felt good after the reading. She also gave me comforting words going forward in my life.

May 9, 2023
Very genuine and clearly intune. She has a calm, grounded, and empathetic presence.

I'm again blown away at the accuracy she's able to get as well as the kindness And honesty in which she deliver's it. What's interesting is that when she connects with someone, I also feel connected with her and can see what she's describing. IDK if it's my memories of the person or if I'm seeing what she's seeing. It's probably because she's great at describing it. I'm incredibly grateful!

May 11, 2023
Strong Connection

Nadine is a very talented medium. She was able to bring through my mother very strongly.

August 10, 2023

She was warm and caring and very accurate. Nadine is just amazing <3

August 17, 2023
Clear and Connected

It was clear who was coming through, and Nadine was great at translating what she got from them, to me. It was very powerful and meaningful. I loved it! I've had other medium sessions before, and my ones with Nadine have been the best, by far, which is why I booked with her again! The openness and clarity with which she connected and communicated with those on the other side, as well as with me!

September 10, 2023
Healing experience

Nadine was warm and caring. She was very accurate in the reading and brought through a lot of meaningful evidence about my departed loved one. She was able to create a strong connection with my departed loved one. She provided a lot of meaningful evidence that was unique to him and our relationship. More importantly, she conveyed his love for me and his continued presence in my life. It was a very healing experience for me.

Marsha C.
February 2, 2022
Brought me alot of joy and happiness to my heart .

Nadine is very kind and amazing...the things she shared with me about my grandmothers were so heartfelt and right on. Wonderful. Only myself and grandmother would know . She conveys the information so straightforward. Especially about being more thoughtful of myself. I'm so glad I had her do a reading for me. Brought me alot of joy and happiness to my heart . She also did a reading for my father . Made him so very happy, to have my Mom come through to tell him her life was so blessed with him in it . That she loved to dance , and was so glad to have had him as a dance partner , all the years they were together So glad she told him , because his ladyfriend has made him think he's a bad dancer . Mom must have known he needed to hear that. I know he did . Thank you Nadine ...you have a fantastic connection.

Karen D.
February 6, 2022
She is very talented.

"I thought she had some powerful mediumship gifts and brought both of my parents thru. My parents were married 50 plus years. Dad was a big man husky in build. He grew up in a place there was no airs and graces, but a lot of pride. Hard worker and did not socialize too much. However, he had good friends. He was known in my mother’s family and respected very much. He was very straight with everyone, would help them, but if you needed a talking to, he was the man to do it. She was the one who pushed for things, she had the dreams and very house proud. I would spend time with each of my parents and together, especially with my dad from the age of 11 to 15/16. I felt the love my parents had for me coming thru her. There is not much that did not resonate with me. I feel she is very talented, and it was joyful for me to sit for her."

Sally R.
February 6, 2022
A wonderful experience and I would highly recommend her.

"My spiritualist experience with Nadine was a very lovely experience - the lights within the room kept brightening and then dimming as she spoke with people from the spirit world. Nadine was able to put me in touch with people who I believe were members of my extended family - at first, I thought some comments were quite generic, but then there were too many truthful events and descriptions of loved ones that I strongly feel reassured I was communicating with them through her. Some events described I went in to ask my mum about and she confirmed what Nadine had said. A wonderful experience and I would highly recommend her."

Ivonee R.
February 6, 2022
I received clarity on how to proceed with my own abilities.

"I just recently came to Nadine for my first ever Akashic records reading and I couldn't have been more pleased. I had so many questions and the responses absolutely blew me away. I was able to find out about my past life and where my soul originated. I received clarity on how to proceed with my own abilities, what patterns are holding me back from fulfilling my life's purpose and what lessons I need to learn in this present life. Nadine is truly blessed with amazing abilities and I will be forever grateful to her for opening my eyes to all of the possibilities of this world and beyond."

Julie N.
February 6, 2022
Her reading was filled with love and heart!

"Nadine is such a wonderful and gifted person! I lost my dog a few years and it was the first message she gave me and I never expected it! Her reading was filled with love and heart! I am a lifetime customer! Thank you, Nadine, for your help and guidance!"

Brittany N.
February 6, 2022
I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for some direction.

"I had an Akashic records reading with Nadine and I can’t believe how much resonated with me! It really gave me a sense of who I am in this life and where some of the patterns come from. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for some direction or even just plain curious about this topic get a reading with Nadine!"

Nancy O.
February 6, 2022
Wow! Nadine is amazing. She was very accurate!

"Wow! Nadine is amazing. Her delivery was excellent. I appreciated that she said what she saw without the types of comments other people reveal about how uncertain they are or apologetic. She calls it as she sees it. I like that. She was very accurate. The “cleanliness” part was about our water problem and for a time we all had to go to Grandmas to bathe. Oh, the sadness was multilayered. Her last child was a stillbirth, her husband died young and her youngest son had a heart condition and he died at 29. She passed at 96 years young! Thank you!!!

Mandy C.
February 6, 2022
I felt at ease asking every question that was on my heart.

"I just had an Akashic reading and it was amazing. I was able to receive answers and insights on my life path, career, goals, relationships... She brought up specific details of things in my life and gave me direction and clarity. And her friendly and warm energy made the appointment comfortable from start to finish. I felt at ease asking every question that was on my heart. So grateful for this experience!"


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